Any Questions?

Any Questions?

How can I start?

Come to the School Readiness Center (located by Las Lomas Elementary) and register. You will enroll all children who participate and then will receive their School Readiness number. This number allows the child to attend any classes provided by the School Readiness center. Their School Readiness number will be an indication of registration and will be documented on child's Sign-In card. Once your child is registered, he/she will receive an age appropriate book and can participate in all the classes we offer.


Frequently asked questions

Does my child need to provide immunization records?

School Readiness Nurse is available to confirm that your child's immunization records are up to date. However, we do not require immunization records, but highly encourage that they are up to date.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

We do NOT require students to be potty trained. Parents can change diapers in designated areas.

Who funds this program?

Children & Families Commission of Orange County funds School Readiness Center. Children & Families Commission of Orange County mission for this program is to provide leadership as a funder, convener and planner to support healthy development and learning for Orange County's young children. Their vision is for all children to be healthy and ready to learn. The goals are; to promote overall physical, social, emotional and intellectual health of young children, provide early learning opportunities for young children to maximize potential to succeed in school, support and strengthen families to promote good parenting for the optimal development of young children, and to promote an effective and quality delivery system for young children and their families.

What ages are allowed?

Children 0-5 year old are allowed to attend this program and parents are required to stay with their child.

Are we required to go to every class?

While all of the classes are great for children. We do not require parents to bring their child to every class. The School Readiness program is a drop-in program and allows parents the freedom to choose when and which class fits into their schedule. You can decide to come to class once a week or once a month or even every day which we highly encourage. 

Once I register, what else do I need to know?

Once you register you need to remember your child's School Readiness number so you can fill out a Sign-In card for each class and remember to always sign-in on your card during each class visit. Also, once class has begun the doors will be locked and parents are NOT allowed to enter. Each class will be given five minutes of a grace period for parents to arrive. In order to get the full attention of the children, we cannot have parents coming in at all times because it may create a distraction for the students and the teacher. During registration you will also be informed NOT to bring your child when they are sick and the School Readiness participation rules.

What are the office hours?

The office hours are 8:45am-2:30pm. You may come to register your child at any time the office is opened.