Free Health Screenings and Resources

Each family should call the School Readiness Office to make an appointment to meet with our School Readiness Nurse at (562) 690-2353. She is available at our center to address any health concerns a parent may have about their child to help enhance their opportunity to participate in or fully benefit from, the school experience. Using up-to-date screening tools, The nurse can identify obstacles your child may be facing which can hinder their ability to learn. She can provide families with resources and connect those that are in need of health and dental insurance.  The nurse also supports families by providing health education classes. She will provide you and your child with a comfortable place to voice your concerns and take a in-depth screening for your child. The following health screenings are available:

  • Hearing Screening
  • Vision Screening
  • Dental Screening
  • Growth and Nutrition Screening (Height, Weight)
  • Developmental Screening