Public School Choice

Year 1 and above Program Improvement schools must offer parents/guardians of eligible students Public School Choice, which is the option of transferring to an available school in the district that has not been identified as a Program Improvement school. Before considering the option, you are encouraged to visit your child’s school to learn about their instructional program and the various supportive services that they provide.

If you wish to take advantage of Public School Choice, transportation will be provided to the non-PI school for as long as the home school continues to be identified as a PI school. If the demand for choice exceeds available funds, priority will be given to low-income students. Currently, the only non-PI school available in La Habra City School District is Ladera Palma at the K-2 level. La Habra has contacted other districts in the area in order to establish a transfer agreement, but none of the districts have agreed to enter into a PI cooperative transfer.

The Title I School Choice Intradistrict Transfer Request in English and Spanish is available at the school, district office and the district’s website. Transfer requests received will be reviewed and processed on a first come, first served basis. Applicants will be annually notified of eligibility and transfer information.

Report on Participation in Public School Choice and SES - English
by Teresa Egan
  pdf logoPosting Report on Participation 2007-2014.pdf 342.63 KB (Last Modified on April 8, 2015)

Reporte sobre la participacion en Public School Choice y SES - Español
by Teresa Egan
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