Alternative Supports

Previously known as Supplemental Education Services, Alternative Supports are supplemental activities designed to increase academic achievement.  Alternative Support Programs are planned at every school in LHCSD for eligible students.  Socioeconomically disadvantaged students are eligible to receive alternative supports.  The number of students served is dependent on Title 1 funding and sites will give priority to the lowest-achieving students based on locally defined measures.  For more information on Alternative Supports Programs at your child's school, please contact your school principal.

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

Year 2 and above Program Improvement schools must offer Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to their low-income students.  SES are free academic tutoring services in English language arts, mathematics, or science. Who is Eligible for SES?

Who is eligible for SES?
    If you child qualified for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program and is enrolled at a Year 2 and above Program Improvement (PI) school, he/she may qualify for free SES tutoring.  If funds are insufficient to provide SES to all eligible students, students will be prioritized according to academic need based on the students’ achievement levels on state assessment tests.
  What do I have to do to receive these free tutoring services?
    You must fill out an application available at your child’s school, at SES Parent Information Nights, and at the District Office beginning in September.  You will need to choose two different tutoring companies, select the subject for your child’s tutoring (language arts, math or science), sign the application, and return it to your child’s school office or the district office.
  How can I select a company for SES tutoring for my child?
    Attend one of the SES Parent Information Nights provided in the fall. Review the SES booklet provided with descriptions of the companies. Some companies provide individual tutoring in your home.  Others offer individual or small-group tutoring at community sites.
  Whom do I contact with questions about Supplemental Educational Services?

For English or Spanish, please contact special Programs at (562) 690-2303 at the district office.

List of SES Companies - 2014-2015 - English
  pdf logoSES Provider Summary Eng 2014-15.pdf 409.65 KB (Last Modified on February 5, 2015)

List of SES Companies - 2014-2015 - Spanish
  SES Provider Summary Sp 2014_2015.pdf 304.03 KB (Last Modified on February 5, 2015)

SES Parent Information - English and Spanish
  Parent Info Flyer.pdf 94.56 KB (Last Modified on February 5, 2015)