Dear Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

Leaders from our school sites and district are rallying around a unifying theme to guide our work this year.

Stronger Together for our Students

One Team – One Vision


Joanne Culverhouse Superintendent

It is more than a slogan; it is a way of doing business. For students to reach their full potential, educators and support staff must work in unison with a shared set of goals, values, and professional commitments. Teaching and learning is becoming a “team sport” in each of our schools. Under the leadership of the Board of Education, LHCSD is undergoing significant transformational change. Our staff, parents, community members, and students will start to see those changes take shape this year.

As we explore avenues to improve achievement and enhance parent engagement, LHCSD has thoughtfully and systematically created a Reconfiguration Task Force. We have assembled a working group of “thought leaders” from various stakeholder groups and their goal is to configure the grade levels to have a greater impact on learning. The Task Force is examining how we can best harness innovation, academic rigor, seamless transitions, curriculum alignment, and opportunities that promote equity and equality by shifting our schools to a TK-6 and 7-8 format. Each campus will have a unique academic focus that creates diverse pathways for students to pursue. Our Three R’s for 2018-19 are Reconfiguration, Redesign & Revitalize our educational delivery system.

All classrooms will demonstrate evidence of critical thinking, innovation, enthusiasm, and a connection to learning. Our staff will use effective teaching strategies, and every adult will put their heart and soul into providing each child with opportunities to grow, learn, and reach their full potential. As we set the stage for long-term growth, we will focus on strategic goals and specific outcomes that align to critical supports for leadership, teaching, student learning, and achievement. We are committed to our vision for 2018-19:

Focus on Literacy
High Expectation with Success for ALL

We are also exploring avenues to increase parent engagement and communication. In order to receive continuous updated information, we have a new online registration data verification process that allows parents to modify, update or enter student information such as emergency contacts, authorizations, email addresses, and phone numbers utilizing the District’s parent portal.  To ensure that you are receiving important information from us, please complete the data confirmation process at:

#WeAreReady for the 2018-2019 school year! LHCSD will become a destination district for all children to grow and learn. Thank you for trusting us to educate and care for your children!


Joanne Culverhouse Ed.D.


Stronger Together for our Students

One Team One Vision