Employment Opportunities

Administrative Job Postings

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Certificated Job Postings

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Classified Job Postings

Community Liaison

Under supervision of Site Administrator or Program Supervisor serve as a liaison between parents, students and the community and performs a variety of outreach duties designed to support the communication between home and school.

Educational Assistant (Substitute)

Under direction of classroom teacher or program director, and the supervision of a school principal, provides instructional and paraprofessional support for students including intensified learning experiences, and performs related duties as required.

Instructional Assistant I - Special Education (Substitute)

Under direction of a classroom teacher or program director, and the supervision of a school principal, provide instructional and non-professional support for students with disabilities. Provide intensified learning experiences in specialized programs and perform related work as required.

Noon-Duty Supervisor

Under supervision of the Site Principal, supervises students on the playground during lunch time or recesses. Typical tasks may include organizing games for groups of students. Assures the safety of students by maintaining safe play rules. Directs students to properly dispose of lunch trays, trash, etc. Encourages students to participate in activities during their free time.

Physical Education Assistant

Under the general supervision of the school principal, and as directed by a certificated Physical Education (PE) Teacher, assist in performing a variety of instructional activities with students individually or in groups to support a standards-based physical education program at the elementary level. This position may perform a variety of clerical tasks and may be assigned to a classroom setting.

Special Needs Bus Aide

Under the general direction of the Director of Special Education, assist in the transportation of designated special needs educational students requiring continuous attention and care on buses. Recognize and meet the individual needs of the students being transported; and perform related duties as required or assigned.

Speech and Language Assistant (SLPA)

Under the supervision of the Director of Special Education and the general direction of a credentialed Speech and Language Specialist, assists in providing instructional activities specific to the area of speech and language communication to students identified as having special needs; monitors the use of augmentative communication devices and systems.