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Classified Job Postings

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Cafeteria Worker (Substitute)

Under supervision of Director of Food Services, does limited food preparation, prepares serving line, serves and cleans work areas and equipment.

Clerk Typist (10) Substitute

Under supervision of Site Administrator or Program Supervisor, performs routine, general clerical work including computer operations.

Custodian (Evening)

Under supervision of Site Principal (and Director of Maintenance, Operations & Facilities during school recesses), this position will work primarily at night, keeping an assigned area of buildings and grounds in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition.

Custodian Substitute (Evening)

Under supervision of Custodial and Operations Lead and the Site Principal, this position will keep a school site clean, orderly, sanitary and in safe condition during the day.

Educational Assistant (Bilingual)

Under direction of classroom teacher or program director, and the supervision of a school principal, provides instructional and paraprofessional support for students including intensified learning experiences, and performs related duties as required.

Extended Care Worker (Substitute)

Under supervision of the KidZone Extended Care Supervisor and direction from the Site Lead provide a safe, secure, and orderly, child-oriented environment; lead and organize play and leisure time for students, and offer assistance with homework.


Under general supervision of the Grounds Supervisor, performs grounds keeping duties on school grounds and other landscaped areas.

Health Technician

Under the direction and supervision of the Site Principal, and the technical direction of the District’s credentialed school nurse/Student Support Services, provides a variety of health services to students; maintains health records, referrals and reports; administers routine first-aid, assists in screening ill, injured, and handicapped students in accordance with State law and District regulations; and with health testing programs and other health related services as required. May be assigned to perform special health care procedures; and performs other clerical responsibilities as needed.

Inclusion Assistant

Under general direction of a classroom teacher or program director, and the supervision of a school principal, provide instruction to individual or small groups of students in an assigned special education program; monitor and report student progress regarding behavior and performance; perform a variety of clerical and supportive duties related to classroom activities.

Instructional Assistant I - Special Education

Under direction of a classroom teacher or program director, and the supervision of a school principal, provide instructional and non-professional support for students with disabilities. Provide intensified learning experiences in specialized programs and perform related work as required.

Instructional Assistant III - Special Education/Behavior

Under general direction of a classroom teacher or program director, and the supervision of a school principal, provide specific instructional and behavioral strategies and techniques in support of students in autism and specialized programs.

Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

Under supervision of the District Health Educator (Registered Nurse), perform specialized health services for students in regular educational and special education programs. Communicate with parents, school site, and district personnel on health related matters. Assist with medical screening of students, disseminate health information, provide emergency medical care, and perform related duties as required.

Physical Education Assistant

Under the general supervision of the school principal, and as directed by a certificated Physical Education (PE) Teacher, assist in performing a variety of instructional activities with students individually or in groups to support a standards-based physical education program at the elementary level. This position may perform a variety of clerical tasks and may be assigned to a classroom setting.

Special Education Bilingual Technician (Substitute)

Under the general supervision of the Director of Special Education, this position will interpret for School Psychologists, Speech/Language Specialists and Special Education teachers, and translate documents and forms, as needed.

Speech and Language Assistant (SLPA)

Under the supervision of the Director of Special Education and the general direction of a credentialed Speech and Language Specialist, assists in providing instructional activities specific to the area of speech and language communication to students identified as having special needs; monitors the use of augmentative communication devices and systems.