Gifted and Talented Education

GATE Philosophy

The La Habra City School District believes that all students should be given the opportunity to develop to their greatest potential. We provide a broad range of advanced learning and enrichment experiences responsive to the special needs of gifted and talented students.


Students qualify for GATE during their third or fourth grade year and have demonstrated their abilities, effort and talent in three ways:

  • Academic Achievement: Student’s performance on nationally standardized tests of achievement, such as the California Assessment of Student Progress and Performance, or Measures of Academic Progress.
  • Cognitive Abilities: Students are given a nationally normed achievement test evaluating intellect.
  • Teacher Appraisal: Teachers evaluate students’ classroom performance, creative thinking and leadership.

Middle School Students have the opportunity to take Honors Level English Language Arts and/or Mathematics classes. To enter the Honors Level classes, the middle school administration and staff annually evaluate students based on grades, teacher recommendation and standardized test scores.

Services to Identified Students

During the school day, students are provided differentiated instruction to extend their learning. Students in 4th - 8th grade are provided differentiated instruction through the ExCEL Model in Language Arts. High Achieving Math students are clustered together so that pacing and content can be differentiated.

After the school day students are offered enrichment activities. Robotics are offered for fourth and fifth grade students at Las Positas, Sierra Vista and Walnut. Academic Pentathlon and a variety of clubs are offered to sixth through eighth grade students at both Imperial Middle School and Washington Middle School.

Professional Development for Teachers

Our teachers are trained in Making All Kids Smarter. In this 30 hour GATE certification course, teachers learn how to increase engagement and learning through using depth and complexity strategies that help students build deep comprehension and understanding in language arts and math.