Special Education and Student Services

The La Habra City School District Special Education and Student Services Department is dedicated to fostering a nurturing educational environment that bolsters student success. This commitment is realized by offering a comprehensive suite of supports tailored to meet the academic, social-emotional, familial, and wellness needs of our students. Our team of professionals engages in prevention, early intervention, and sustained follow-up efforts to ensure that all students in the District have the resources they need to overcome barriers to their education.

For students facing challenges that impede their learning, we provide targeted assistance through a collaborative effort of various departments, including:

  • Social-Emotional Support: Counseling services, peer support groups, and programs aimed at developing social skills and emotional resilience.
  • Family Engagement: Resources and workshops for families to support their child's education at home and understand their educational rights.
  • Wellness Programs: Health services, nutrition education, and physical activity programs to promote overall student well-being.

Our approach is to proactively identify students who may benefit from additional supports and to streamline the process for students and families to access these services. Whether through direct referrals by educators and staff or requests initiated by families, we ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.