School Attendance

La Habra City School District is dedicated to academic achievement and success for all students. We value, appreciate, and seek out your involvement and collaboration for the success of your child.  

Regular school attendance is a critical part of that success. Our district is committed to increasing the attendance rate in all district schools. We are asking all parents to help us ensure the regular, on-time attendance of their children at school.  We monitor attendance closely because research has shown that regular attendance is vital for the success of children in school. California law states that absences are excused only if the child is ill or there is an excuse which meets the requirements of Education Code Section 48205. Even excused absences that cause your child to miss significant amounts of school can cause your child to fall behind in class.

Our goal is to have all children present in school every day and on time. Remember, every child, every day, and every minute counts! We look forward to partnering with you.  

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