Advisory and Information Teams

One of the district's finest features is the consistent support given it by the people in the community. The citizens of La Habra want the best in education for their children and they are willing to donate their time, talents and resources to assist the schools.

The help of community committees in establishing priorities and determining the district's most pressing needs, plus the continued in-classroom services of hundreds of volunteers, create a cooperative atmosphere that distinguishes La Habra as an "All-American City".

Each school in the district has established an Advisory and Information Team (A & I) which consists of interested parents and community members. Its purpose is to maintain and improve home-school communications and cooperation. A & I meetings are held once each month to discuss educational problems and concerns and are open to all interested citizens.

In addition, a district-wide A & I team, composed of a minimum of two representatives from each school team, meets monthly with the superintendent to discuss problems facing the school district.