Merit System

The role of the Merit System within a school district is often misunderstood.  The concept, however, is a simple one.  The goal of a Merit System is to provide a personnel management system which reflects the practice of “efficiency, fairness and impartiality in the selection, retention and promotion” of classified employees.  This is accomplished through the implementation and administration of rules and regulations concerning recruitment, testing, selection, classification and formal disciplinary hearings.

The California Education Code provides specific guidelines for Merit System regulations and the role of the Personnel Commission.  The Education code also mandates the testing and ranking of applicants in merit systems as well as the monitoring of classification and classification salaries.

Merit systems originate through a vote by classified employees, as in the case of La Habra City School District.  There are currently well over 90 Merit System school districts within the state of California.

Appointment to the Personnel Commission is for a three-year term and is made on a rotating basis with the term of one member expiring each year.  The Board of Trustees selects one member of the Personnel Commission, the classified employees select another and the Commissioners representing the Board of Trustees and Classified employees jointly select the third member.

The Personnel Commission holds a public meeting the third Tuesday each month at 4:00 p.m. at the LHCSD District Office Board Room.  A Personnel Commission agenda is posted outside the District Office prior to each meeting.  Employees and all interested parties are encouraged to attend.