Dress Code Standards

In order to provide ALL students a safe, appropriate academic environment, the District prohibits the following student dress:

  • Hats or caps of any kind except for sun protection purposes (gang related hat apparel is prohibited)
  • Halter tops, low tops, tank tops, bare midriff tops (all tops must completely cover midriff area at all times), cutoffs, extremely short skirts/shorts (underwear should be covered by clothing)
  • Clothing with unpatched holes, tears, unhemmed bottoms or slit cuffs
  • Clothing that advertises such substances as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or utilizes double play on words, obscenities, profanity, or is suggestive in any way
  • Shoes without backs
  • Clothing that depicts illegal actions such as spray painting or use of fire-arms
  • Hair styles or colors which distract students from learning or present a safety hazard, such as hair that has been colored in shades which are loud and distracting (i.e., purple, green, pink, etc.) hair which has been cut to, or grown to, styles or lengths resulting in distraction or safety hazard
  • Jewelry which poses a threat to the health and safety of students or which by its size or appearance is distracting in the learning environment (i.e., jewelry with sharp edges or which is so long or dangling as to pose a safety hazard)
  • There is no visible “body piercing” allowed.
  • We prefer boys not to wear earrings and all students K-6 not to wear make-up and artificial nails.

The following attire is NOT to be worn at school:

  • Insignias and logos of non-school sponsored organizations that may be associated with gang activities.
  • Hooded sweatshirts and jackets must be worn with hoods down.
  • Belt buckles, jewelry, bandanas, stocking caps, hair nets, rags, gloves, biker wallets or other decorations with initials, gang related symbols or signs.
  • Any pants/shorts that are oversized and inappropriate for the wearer. All pants must fit and be worn at waist level.
  • Tattoos may not be visible.
  • Any button-down shirt with long sleeves which is dramatically oversized and inappropriate for the wearer, any oversized white tee shirt or polo shirt which has been modified with the addition of ironed-on creases or pleats on the front or back; net shirts.
  • “Doc Martin” or steel toed military type high-top combat boots.
  • Any clothing directly related to “gang” and/or “drug cultures”.

Since student attire trends change, the previous lists will be updated and communicated as needed in order to ensure an appropriate and safe school setting.

Decisions regarding the appropriateness of clothing will be handled by the principal. In the event there is a concern regarding clothes or appearance, parents may call the school or the school will contact the parents.

Please check with your school principal prior to purchasing a new “trend” article that could be in conflict with their standard dress codes.