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Walnut Elementary STEAM Showcase

Walnut Elementary STEAM Showcase

Walnut STEAM Academy’s annual STEAM Showcase was held on Friday, January 20, 2023. This Showcase was the culmination of a unit of study which blended multiple content areas and academic standards. Each grade level met to determine which standards would provide the foundation for deeper understanding. All grade levels used the Science and Engineering standards to produce the projects that were proudly displayed during the Showcase. 

As visitors made their way around campus, they were greeted by students who were eager to share what they had learned. Students displayed confidence as they spoke about their project using the academic language that they learned.

  • After learning about holiday celebrations around the world, TK students created a reindeer feeder. 
  • Kindergarten students created a package that could survive the chaos of holiday shipping; all contents made it to their destination intact. 
  • First grade students created their own nocturnal animal after studying about the function of animals and their external body parts. 
  • Grade 2 students built a model to demonstrate one of the natural processes that shape our Earth. 
  • Grade 3 students studied the ways in which people and animals survive in nature. 
  • Mrs. Ko’s Combo Class learned about the Titanic and worked in teams to create a vessel that was unsinkable. 
  • Grade 4 students concluded their unit on energy by creating a model that captures one way in which energy is captured and stored. 
  • Grade 5 students used their knowledge of Native Americans to build a model of a shelter specific to one of the tribes and its region. 
  • Grade 6 students explored ancient Egyptian irrigation systems and created working models designed to move water from one place to another. 

We look forward to opening our campus again for our Open House event on March 16, 2023.