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Kathryn Mayfield Honored as 2025 Teacher of the Year in La Habra City School District

Katie Mayfield

Katie Mayfield with a content smile stands in a classroom, holding a large bouquet of flowers featuring bright sunflowers and soft pink blooms. Behind her is a whiteboard with a congratulatory message reading 'Congratulations Katie Mayfield, LHCS Teacher of the Year.' The board is adorned with educational posters and learning aids, highlighting the environment of an engaged learning space.

Congratulations to Kathryn Mayfield for being named the 2025 LHCSD Teacher of the Year.  “Katie” began her career in LHCSD in 2010 as an Special Day Class teacher at Ladera Palma.  Katie later served one year as an Academic Coach and two years as a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) to support the Multi-Tiered System of Success (MTSS) model.  Katie decided to return to the classroom and is now a beloved Kindergarten teacher at Arbolita.  In all her positions, Katie has generously shared her creativity, talent and passion for teaching with her colleagues.  When students leave Mrs. Mayfield’s classroom, they are well-prepared, loved and ready for first grade.  

We are very grateful Katie chose LHCSD as her place to make a difference.  This award is well-deserved and we are very excited to have Mrs. Katie Mayfield representing La Habra City School District as our 2025 Teacher of the Year.

A joyful group of people gather for a group photo in a colorful classroom. The individuals, a diverse mix of ages and styles, are smiling broadly. Some are standing and others are seated at desks. They're casually dressed, most in work attire, suggesting they are colleagues. In the center, a woman holding a bouquet of flowers is presumably the focus of the celebration. The walls are covered with educational charts and student work, creating a lively and educational atmosphere.