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Back to School Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Continuity of Learning

Learning Model Options

Q: Once I select a learning model, can I move my child to the other model?
A: Families may request a change in program option.  These will be considered based on staff and space availability.

Q: What is the difference between Distance Learning 2.0 and the Virtual Learning Model?
A: Distance Learning 2.0/Hybrid Learning Model will have students transition to in-person/on-campus, blending on campus with distance learning. Virtual Learning Model will continue 100% online for the entire school year.

Q: How will students be selected for A/B Cohorts in the Hybrid Learning Model?
A: Administrators will assign students to Cohort A or Cohort B. We will make every attempt to keep siblings together and will consider input from families as much as possible. 


Q: Will my child have access to electives?
A:  Yes!  Students at the middle school level will have elective offerings.

Q: If my child is in the International Baccalaureate IB program, will my student receive IB instruction in both models?
A: Yes, in both models, students will have opportunities to learn IB content such as  the transdisciplinary themes and learner profile attributes.

Q: If my child is in the Dual Immersion program and I choose the Virtual learning Model, will my child still be enrolled in Dual Immersion for next year?
A:As long as families have selected either the Distance Learning 2.0/Hybrid Learning Model or the VirtualLearning Model, students will remain enrolled in the Dual Immersion Program in the 2021-2022 school year.


Q: What does a typical day look like in Distance Learning 2.0 and Virtual Learning Models?
A: See below.

  • Daily instruction will include a balance of both live (synchronous) interaction and independent (asynchronous) learning and activities, very similar to what occurs in a traditional classroom setting.
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, elementary students will be engaged in core, standards-based instruction for Language Arts (Reading and Writing), English Language Development, Mathematics, Social Studies/History, and/or Science
  • On Wednesdays, teachers will check in with their students in the morning, then students will complete asynchronous learning.
  • Middle school students will have designated periods each day:
    • Periods 1-4 on Mondays & Thursdays
    • Periods 5-7 on Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Please note that specific schedules and details will be created and communicated by the classroom teacher on their website.

Q: How much time will students get with their teacher?
A: Students will receive their core instruction with their teacher in the morning for a minimum of 180 minutes (TK/K) 230 (1st-3rd) or 240 (4th-8th).  This instruction will include direct live instruction, small group/individual instruction and independent work.

Q: Will students be on Zoom for the entire time with their teachers?
A:No, daily instruction will include both live (synchronous) and independent (asynchronous) learning.  Teachers will provide students breaks.

Q: How will my child be graded?
A: Each individual teacher will be informing parents of grading procedures for their class.  Tk-5th grade students will receive a standards-based report card.  Students in 6th-8th grade will receive letter based grades.

Q: How will attendance be taken?
A: See below.

  • Attendance will be mandatory for students in both the Distance Learning 2.0/Hybrid Learning Model and the Virtual Learning Model. 
  • Students will have daily attendance taken in their live sessions and weekly engagement/work completion monitored.  If students are not attending or completing work, we will know about it and be contacting families for support.

Q: What learning platforms will be used for Distance Learning 2.0? Virtual Learning Model?
A: Learning platforms will be the same for both models. At this time we will continue to use two main delivery platforms - Google Classroom and Seesaw.

Special Education / 504 Plan

Q: I am interested in enrolling my child in the Virtual Learning Model, will special education services be provided?
A: The IEP team will need to review the student’s goals and services to determine if their needs can be met through an exclusively online platform.

Q: Will special education services be available through distance learning?
A: Yes, students receiving special education will receive individual and small group instruction online while the district is providing instruction through an online model.  When it is safe to return to school in a hybrid model, services will be provided in person to the greatest extent possible. 

Q: My child has specific services on his/her IEP.  How will his needs be met online?
A: The IEP team will convene at the start of the year to review how services can be addressed through an online platform.  Reasonable accommodations will be discussed to support online learning.

Q: My child has a 504 plan, will accommodations be provided during distance learning?
A: Yes, the 504 team will convene at the start of school to review accommodations that can be implemented during distance learning.


Student / Staff Health and Safety

Q: Will schools be providing face masks to the students?
A: Yes, face masks and face shields will be available to students if they do not have one. 

QWhat safety measures will be in place when students return in-person?
A: See below.

  • Students will have their temperatures taken with no-touch thermometers prior to boarding a school bus or entering campus.
  • Face masks and shields will be provided to staff and students who need them.
  • Classrooms will not mix and stay as one unit (cohort).
  • Classrooms will adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and recess times will adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Students will learn and maintain proper hygiene by frequently washing their hands and using safe and effective sanitizer.
  • Classrooms and common areas will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Plexiglass will be installed on all service counters and desks.
  • Staff will have portable plexiglass sneeze guards to use when needed.
  • Student supplies will not be shared


Social Emotional Support for Students and Staff

Q: How will social emotional learning needs be addressed for students in TK/K? How will social distancing be addressed?
A: Weekly lessons will be provided with specific topics to help students transition to school.  One of the very first topics will be focused on starting school in a distance learning model. Classroom “circles” will allow staff to facilitate conversations to help students understand the impact of COVID-19 and expected behaviors when at school and at home.

Q: How will SEL be addressed for all students?
A: The La Habra City School District recognizes the importance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) especially during a global pandemic.  The District is committed to continuing the development of SEL that can be accessed regardless of learning models students are engaged in. SEL will continue to be integrated throughout the school day through check-ins, class community building, and targeted lessons.

Q: Where can I find information about helping my child with social emotional issues?
A: The District website will link parents to resources supporting students social emotional learning and wellness.  If parents need additional support, they can contact their school psychologists or school counselors.


Community Needs

Nutrition Services

Q: Will lunch be provided during distance learning?
A: Yes. The District is planning to have multiple meal drop off locations.  We will communicate the locations and times to families

Q: How will meals be delivered to those families most in need?
A: Yes.  The District is planning to have multiple meal drop off locations.  We will communicate the locations and times to families.

Q: Will meals be provided for families that choose the Virtual Learning Model?
A: Yes. The District is planning to have multiple meal drop off locations.  We will communicate the locations and times to families.

Q: How do we pay for meals?
A: See below.

  • For students who qualify for free/reduced meals, parents or caregivers must apply online at
  • If you do not qualify for free/reduced meals you must prepay for meals by adding money to your students account.  To add money visit
  • If you have questions regarding eligibility contact Nutrition Services.


Q: Will KidZone be open and will they be assisting with the distance learning?
A: KidZone will be available for La Habra families and essential workers whose students were enrolled in the program last year.  You will be receiving an email from KidZone with details..  Students in this program will be assisted with Distance Learning.

Q: Will ASES be available and will they be assisting with distance learning?
A: Under the model of Distance Learning, ASES will be operating Mon-Fri at each site. If you are interested in having your child participate in ASES, please contact the Boys and Girls Club at (562) 315-8207. Principals, teachers, and staff will use the beginning of the year to determine the learning gaps and we are establishing interventions protocols to assist the students who may have fallen behind.

Q: Where can I find information about childcare during distance learning?
A: If your child was enrolled in KidZone last year, you will be receiving an email with information. For ASES please contact them at (562) 315-8207.


Q: Will transportation be available when school reopen?
A: Transportation will be available when school reopens.

Q: What safety precautions will be in place on the bus?
A: See below.

  • School buses will have limited capacity so that students are social distancing.
  • A parent/caregiver must be present at the bus stop during morning student pickup.
  • Students will have their temperatures taken, if there is a fever detected the student will not be allowed to board the bus.

Family Involvement / Information

Q: How do I access Aeries Parent Portal?

Q: How do I set up an Aeries account?
A: Aeries Parent Portal accounts get created with the email address you entered in when you enroll your child into LHCSD. We have an instructional video ( with instructions on how to log into your Aeries account. If you can't get access to your Aeries Parent Portal account, please submit a Help request by going to and filling out the form. You will be contacted by LHCSD Technology for further assistance.

Q: If we choose to be in virtual learning are we going to be able to stay connected to our home school for parent involvement  (ie. DELAC, ELAC, PAC etc.)?
A: The District would like families to maintain connection to their school community and attend their site-based family meetings.. Students in the Virtual Learning Model, will continue to be identified as a student at their homeschool in our school data base (Aeries) and will also be identified as a Virtual Learning Model student. Please note that the Teacher of Record in the Virtual Learning Model may not be a teacher assigned to their homeschool.

Q: Will we have classes or training for parents?
A: Yes, sites will continue to hold training sessions for family members to support their children to be successful with distance learning.

Q: Where can I access the information from the July 2020 Town Hall Meetings?
A: Please check our homepage for information presented at the Townhall meeting. The recorded session can also be found at


Technology Support

Q: We are new to the school district, how will a device be issued to my child?
A: Parents are asked to enroll their child on-line.  Once online registration is completed instructions will be given to request a device.  For any questions related to technology, please contact our Technology Department at (562) 690-2305, Ext. 80900 

Q: If I need technical assistance with a device or app, who do I contact?
A: Our LHCSD Technology Team will be available to assist our parents and students. Tech Support requests can be submitted at

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