An Important Message from our Superintendent regarding the Momo Challenge

An Important Message from our Superintendent regarding the Momo Challenge

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As educators, there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety and well-being of our students.  As you may have heard or read about in recent news stories, an internet challenge targeting children, teens and young adults called the “Momo Challenge,” has created concern throughout the country due to its disturbing nature.  The “Momo Challenge,” which has been appearing on online platforms including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Fortnite and other social media encourages its viewers to perform dangerous acts of self-harm and suicide. 

We bring this to your attention to raise awareness about this viral phenomenon.  You may wish to discuss with your children whether they have seen or heard anything scary from their devices, classmates, or friends and encourage them to speak with a trusted adult at home and at school.  Teachers, school counselors/psychologists, administrators, and our School Resource Officer is here to support your children. 

Below are some resources to help you begin a conversation with your child about safe technology use, social media, self-harm and suicide.  If you have concerns about your child, please reach out to your child’s principal.


Dr. Joanne Culverhouse


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