Healthy Students Learn Better

Healthy students learn better, academically perform better, and experience proper growth and development. La Habra City School District Health Services prioritizes the health and well-being of our students, parents, and staff. We want to keep you informed of important health-related information.

Likewise, please inform the school office or the school nurses of any health concerns or changes in health status that could impact your child’s safety and education. The following medical forms are available on our website:

Our health services staff includes a team of district nurses and health clerks. Listed below are contact information of the district nurses:

Christine Arban, BSN, RN 
Phone : (562) 690-2305 ext. 80810
Assigned Schools: Arbolita Elementary, El Cerrito Elementary, Early Learning, Las Lomas Elementary 

Grace Park, BSN, RN 
Phone : (562) 690-2305 ext. 80812
Assigned Schools: Ladera Palma Elementary, Las Positas Elementary, Imperial Middle School 

Melissa Torres, BSN, RN 
Phone : (562) 690-2305 ext. 80811
Assigned Schools: Sierra Vista Elementary, Walnut Elementary, Washington Middle School 

School Illness Guidelines