School Bus Policy

Thank you for reviewing the School Bus Policy with your child to assure safe and proper travel to and from school and on field trips.

Riding the Bus is a Privilege. The La Habra City School District Governing Board has adopted rules and regulations to assist students in understanding their responsibilities while riding buses throughout the school district and while on field trips.  These rules will assure safe and proper travel to and from school and must be observed while the students are waiting at school bus stops.  Students need to be waiting in line at their bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

School district staff and bus drivers want every child to be safe.  Any student behavior that affects the safety of other children or the bus driver will not be tolerated.  (Title V, Code 14263) Video surveillance may occur on any school bus and a video recording may be used in student disciplinary proceedings.  The same student behavior rules apply to students waiting or being dropped off at their bus stop including respecting the rights of property owners and the neighborhood where the bus stop is located.

A reminder to parents:  Drivers will use flashing red lights at all bus stops when necessary to ensure the safety of children per Vehicle Code 22112.  Flashing red lights on a bus means Stop; do not proceed until the red lights stop flashing.  Students with special needs will not be left at the bus stop unless an adult is present (children will be returned to the Transportation Office, 500 N. Walnut or the school depending on the availability of office staff to monitor the student after school). The school bus is an extension of the classroom. School rules/behavior will be expected to be followed. The driver is in charge of the bus and students shall ender him/her the same respect and courtesy given a teacher.

The following list includes some of the actions that are not allowed:

  • Violating safety procedures
  • Pen or pencil outside of backpack
  • Glass containers
  • Smoking/lighting of matches
  • Littering
  • Use undesignated bus stop
  • Not wearing seat belt correctly
  • Having animals
  • Drinking/Eating including gum and candy
  • Improper use of bus passes / No bus pass
  • Unauthorized adult on school bus
  • Objects that would impair/Obstruct drivers view