About Us

Welcome to Imperial Middle School

Imperial Middle School in the La Habra City School District is proud to announce the full authorization to provide the Middle Years Program (MYP) within the International Baccalaureate® (IB) World Schools Organization.

Students can begin their IB education with the Primary Years Program at the K-5 Los Positas Elementary school and move to Imperial Middle School to complete the 6-8 Middle Years Program.

With a trained staff, the curriculum increases understanding of languages and cultures, and explores globally significant ideas and issues. Within a concept and inquiry based learning environment, students examine knowledge holistically.

Learner Profile attributes are reinforced within the culture of our school to help students become open-minded, reflective, risk-takers, communicators, knowledgeable, caring, inquirers, balanced, principled, and thinkers.

IB assessments focus on specific learning objective skills that students practice and self assess their abilities in order to move themselves forward to higher levels of achievement. Typical MYP assessment tasks include open-ended questions, problem-solving activities, investigations, debates, tests, hands-on experimentation, analysis and reflections.

All IB units provide opportunities for students to continue their learning by creating a community service activity of their choice.

The Middle Years Program of an International Baccalaureate® (IB) school is a well rounded and rigorous program to enhance the quality of any child’s education.