STEAM Programs

Technology Resources:

At Washington Middle School, both teachers and students are supported by a strong variety of technology resources; below is an overview of the resources that are available on-campus:

  • Over 800 student iPads. All students check out a 1:1 iPad that they utilize at school and home.   
  • Three new computer labs with state of the art computers and programs.  
  • Seven mobile laptop carts and three Chomebook carts.  
  • 21st century classrooms with Apple TV and flat screen displays. 
  • All classrooms equipped with resources such as projectors, interactive white boards, and document cameras. 

Technology-based Programs:

Washington Middle School also offers a number of programs that are technology-based or utilize technology daily during classroom instruction.  Below is an overview of the the programs that are currently available (some of the programs have links which you can click on to access additional information on the program):

Learning Management programs:

Haiku Learning is a learning management system that Washington teachers utilize to provide blended learning experiences to students.  

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs: 

  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW)- PLTW is a rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education curricular program used in middle and high schools across the U.S. PLTW engages students in activities, projects, and problem-based (APPB) learning, which provides hands-on classroom experiences. Students create, design, build, discover, collaborate and solve problems while applying what they learn in math and science. They're also exposed to STEM fields through professionals from local industries who supplement the real-world aspect of the curriculum through mentorships and workplace experiences.
  • Washington offers engineering classes in Design and Modeling, Flight and Aeronautics, Electrical Engineering, Automatic and Vex Robotics, Computer Science, Coding, and Reverse Engineering.   

Computer Skills Programs:

Computer publishing- In Computer Publishing, students use programs to create media such as digital news papers, websites, and videos.  

Advanced Computers- In Advanced Computers, students learn to use the Microsoft Suite of programs, as well as Adobe design programs while completing real-world and hands-on assignments.

VAPA Programs:

  • Washington will be offering Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) to all 6th grade students this year through trimester long Exploratory elective classes. 

Physical Education Programs:

  • Advanced PE- In advanced PE, students use technology to further investigate the skills and concepts taught in PE through activities related to sciences such as physics and kinesiology.