Principal's Message

Hello Parents,

Welcome to Sierra Vista School, an official No Excuses University School. I am extremely honored and privileged to be serving as the principal of this fine school. I am excited to welcome each and every single one of you into our school community. Sierra Vista is a special school because we are focused on your children’s success and preparing them for the future.  Whether that future means college or career, we want to ensure that EACH child is educated in a way that will prepare him/her  for whatever path they may choose. You will find our school rich in college symbolism as we encourage our students to broaden their horizons and see beyond the four walls of their classroom. To learn more about No Excuses University, visit

We believe with your support at home and working as partners in your child's education, your students will reach their full potential. Home and school must work as a team in order to address all the needs of your student- whether those needs be academic, social/emotional, behavioral, physical health and more.

Our committment is to provide a safe environment and well rouned instructional program for your students.  Our staff are constantly refining and reflecting on their craft to teach to the rigorous standards and support your students in ALL areas!  However, you can be a resource at home as well. I encourage you to explore websites such as,, and for more information on what is being expected of your child this school year.

Our Parent Teacher Association, or PTA, is also working closely with our school to support ALL students.   PTA provides outstanding support for our school’s programs, field trips and more!  They are eager to have more parents join and become involved in committees. If you would like more information on these opportunities or would like to communicate with the Board members, please visit our PTA’s facebook page at

In closing, your child’s academic success is our number one priority. Through a positive and focused learning environment and with your support at home, we can achieve this goal at Sierra Vista School. We look forward to the continued strong parental support that we have had in the past and promise to make your child’s learning our mission. Remind your child, and set that expectation early that “After high school comes College!”


Mrs. Rosales