Sierra Vista Elementary School

Transitional Kindergarten - Sixth Grade

Welcome to Sierra Vista Elementary School

Our new site is rich in collaborative tools that will enhance communication with all our families. Please continue to check back here often for information on all Sierra Vista events.

School Hours
Transitional Kindergarten

9:20-1:40 M, T, TH, F (9:05 breakfast)
8:20-1:30 Wednesdays (7:50 breakfast)


Early Group 8:20-1:40 M, T, TH, F (7:50 breakfast)
Late Group 9:35 -2:50 M, T, TH, F (9:05 breakfast)
Early/Late 8:20-1:30 Wednesdays (7:50 breakfast)

1st-6th Grade

8:20-2:50 M, T, TH, F (7:50 breakfast)
8:20-1:30 Wednesdays (7:50 breakfast)